Movie Night


PRIDE 2018 Dance Party

June 3, 2018

12 - 5 pm

New Paltz, NY

Walk with the Men's Group and Valley Boys at Pride! All men are welcome!

Activities and Events

On May 24th we'll be showing an episode of the PBS series We'll Meet Again. In this episode, titled "Coming Out," people who first met during the early days of the LGBT movement reunite with those who helped them open the closet door.

Tom longs to find the friend who helped him accept his sexuality while Paul searches for the student activist whose courage changed his life.

General Admission: $16.62 by EventBrite

Pride Picnic at Locust Grove:

Friday, June 1, 2018

The Beverly
224 Foxhall Avenue

Kingston, NY

8 pm - 1 am

HIV/STI Education

PRIDE March & Festival 2018


June 21, 2018 - 7:00 PM

Pier 23/Mole Mole
23 Broadway
Kingston, New York


Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center

300 Wall Street

​Kingston, NY

John DiBella from Hudson Valley Community Services (HVCS) will present an HIV/STE education session. Along with his presentation, we will be able to ask any questions we might have. This will be a good mix of formal and informal.


Social Evenings
On the third Thursday of each month, we meet for dinner at a local Hudson Valley restaurant. Members will be notified by email, through our Facebook Events page, and through this website.

Please RSVP by email to