Whether you are retired or still working, finances are always important. What are the similarities and differences for straight vs. gay finances? If we are able to get our finances stable (or not), how do you redefine yourself after retirement?

​What about “Gay Pride” is negative—what may be working against us as a community?

“If you really knew me, you would know that….” 

The media—how do they help us? How do they hinder us?

You have one postcard to send to a gay teen…what would you say?

The elements of a successful relationship—what makes it “work?”

When you look back on your life, what is it you would most like to have accomplished? What accomplishments would you most like to see during your lifetime?

Coping with loss: personal, emotional, intellectual, financial. Has it made you a better person? What coping mechanisms do you use?

Becoming more tolerant: What things are you less than tolerant about? How do you handle intolerance, both you own and that of other people?

Stereotypes in the gay community—what are they? How do we counteract them? Are there any that are positive?

When life is NOT a bowl of cherries…how do we cope? 

What are your experiences with bullying? How do you/should you respond to bullying? What do you think of some people’s opinion that “everyone needs to toughen up” and bullying is nothing more than a “right of passage?” Are we being overly sensitive or too politically correct?


Each first and second Thursday, the Gay Men's Discussion Group discusses various pre-determined topics.  The evening begins, however, with a reading, a question, or a video of one or more current events. Some relate specifically to the LGBTQ community; others are related to the human experience. Most give the attendees an opportunity to express their thoughts on specific events that affect our lives. If you would like to suggest a topic, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page.






What does it mean to be an advocate—and how you can advocate for yourself and others.  How can you advocate?  Is advocacy always confrontational?   Are there ways to become a better advocate? 

Making friends and building a social circle can be a challenge.  Do you prefer only gay friends or more of a balance?  What has worked for you?  How have you built your social circle as a gay man?  What has been the most challenging?

The importance of saying “No.”

What does coming out mean to you? What advice would you give to a friend?

Pride and progress in the LGBTQ movement

Overcoming insecurities…what are the sources? How do we begin to conquer them?

If you could go back and change one thing in your life, what would it be—and why?

What does it take to be your real self? 

Does America meet your needs as a gay man? Why—why not?

What is your favorite gay movie—why?

Taking risks

Your family of origin—your family of choice

What person in your life most shaped you as a gay man?

When you feel “on the outside of things,” how do you “put yourself out there” to connect?

As gay men grow older—issues, concerns, fears, realities!

Some topics we've discussed over the years...